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Kentucky Senate Advances Bills on School Safety and Board of Education Selection

The Kentucky Senate recently passed Senate Bill 2, a comprehensive proposal aimed at bolstering school safety measures across the state. Sponsored by Republican Sen. Max Wise, the bill prioritizes the implementation of strategies to protect students and educators in the wake of growing concerns over campus security. Guardian Program: Addressing Security Gaps A key provision … Read more

Kentucky Lawmakers Advance Bill Granting Child Support Rights to Unborn Children

Kentucky legislators took a significant step forward on Tuesday by advancing a bill that would extend the right to collect child support for unborn children, aligning with a broader trend in some Republican-led states to confer legal recognition and protections to fetuses. Expanding Child Support Coverage The proposed measure, known as Senate Bill 110, would … Read more

Kentucky House Passes Comprehensive Crime Bill with Three-Strikes Penalty and Tougher Sentences

In a historic move, the Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a comprehensive crime bill, signaling a potential transformation in the state’s criminal justice landscape. This legislation, a priority for the Republican-led chamber, introduces tougher sentences, including the controversial “three-strikes” penalty for violent offenses, in an effort to address a spectrum of issues ranging from … Read more