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Colorado Proposes $3,000 Grants for Former Inmates, Faces Department of Corrections Resistance

Colorado is considering a groundbreaking initiative that could see thousands of individuals leaving prison receive up to $3,000 each in state funds. The proposed law, SB24-012, aims to support former inmates with living expenses, contingent upon their engagement in development programs designed to enhance job prospects and reduce recidivism. If passed, SB24-012 could establish the … Read more

Kentucky House Passes Comprehensive Crime Bill with Three-Strikes Penalty and Tougher Sentences

In a historic move, the Kentucky House of Representatives has passed a comprehensive crime bill, signaling a potential transformation in the state’s criminal justice landscape. This legislation, a priority for the Republican-led chamber, introduces tougher sentences, including the controversial “three-strikes” penalty for violent offenses, in an effort to address a spectrum of issues ranging from … Read more

New York City Council Defies Mayor, Passes Bill to Ban Solitary Confinement in City Jails

Controversial Legislation Sparks Debate Over Safety and Due Process In a bold move against Mayor Eric Adams’ objections, the New York City Council has approved legislation aimed at banning solitary confinement in the city’s jails. The contentious bill, passed on Wednesday, has ignited a heated debate over the impact on both inmates and staff. Mayor … Read more