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New York City Enforces New 30-Day Shelter Limit for Adult Migrants

New York City Enforces New 30-Day Shelter Limit for Adult Migrants

In response to the overwhelming influx of migrants, New York City has implemented a new rule limiting adult asylum-seekers without young children to 30 days in city-run shelters. Stricter Rules for Overwhelmed Shelters This includes hotels, tent complexes, and other temporary facilities. After this period, migrants must find alternative housing unless they can prove “extenuating … Read more

A Struggle for Shelter: The Plight of Migrant Youth in New York City

In the depths of winter, Mamdou, an 18-year-old orphan from Guinea, found himself navigating the complexities of homelessness in New York City. Despite enduring a perilous journey across the world, his search for stability led him to the Roosevelt Hotel and eventually Covenant House, a specialized youth shelter. Homeless Youth and Migrant Arrivals The intersection … Read more

New Curfew Rules Impact Migrants in New York City

As of Monday, approximately 3,600 migrants across 20 shelters in New York City are subject to new curfew regulations. Under these rules, migrants are restricted from leaving or entering shelters between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. This measure, while enforced at larger migrant shelters and common in many homeless shelters, is now … Read more

Debating New York City’s Immigration Policies Amid Times Square Brawl

A video showing a group of migrants brawling with police in Times Square has stirred controversy, sparking renewed debate over New York City’s longstanding policy limiting cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities. Surveillance Footage Sparks Public Outrage The footage, recorded outside a Manhattan homeless shelter on Jan. 27, depicts several individuals kicking officers … Read more

NY Governor Calls for Deportation After Violent Assault on Police in Times Square

In a disturbing incident, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has declared that migrants involved in a violent assault on two police officers in Times Square over the weekend should be deported. The assailants, caught on video, have sparked a heated debate over immigration and law enforcement. Governor’s Strong Stance: “Get Them All and Send Them … Read more

Storm Forces Evacuation of NYC Migrant Camp, Ignites Controversy Amid National Debate

New York City’s makeshift migrant encampment, established on Floyd Bennett Field’s Runway 19, faced a critical test this week as storm forecasts prompted an emergency evacuation. The complex, housing nearly 2,000 migrants, including families with children, was swiftly relocated to a nearby high school, eliciting both concerns and criticisms. The storm evacuation brought attention to … Read more