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Tennessee GOP Senator Introduces Act to Address Impact of Illegal Immigration on Electoral System

In response to concerns raised by immigration experts regarding the potential influence of illegal immigrants on the U.S. electoral system, Senator Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) has introduced the “Equal Representation Act.” This legislative proposal aims to address the perceived distortion in the democratic process caused by the inclusion of illegal immigrants in the census count for … Read more

123 Texas Landowners Unite: Building Border Fencing to Tackle Illegal Immigration

Texan Landowners Take Action: Authorize Fencing to Combat Surging Illegal Immigration Landowners and Texas Government Join Forces to Secure Border According to American Military News, due to the recent increase in illegal immigration under President Biden‘s administration, over 123 landowners on the Texas-Mexico border have authorized the state government to construct temporary fencing on their … Read more

Suspect in Murder of Georgia Nursing Student Entered U.S. Illegally, Faces Charges

In a tragic turn of events, the suspect in the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Hope Riley has been revealed to have entered the United States illegally from Venezuela. Jose Ibarra, 26 years old, was apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection on September 8, 2022, near El Paso, Texas, after unlawfully crossing the … Read more