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123 Texas Landowners Unite: Building Border Fencing to Tackle Illegal Immigration

Texan Landowners Take Action: Authorize Fencing to Combat Surging Illegal Immigration

Landowners and Texas Government Join Forces to Secure Border

According to American Military News, due to the recent increase in illegal immigration under President Biden‘s administration, over 123 landowners on the Texas-Mexico border have authorized the state government to construct temporary fencing on their property. A spokesperson for Governor Greg Abbott stated that 123 individuals have given permission for an 8-foot-tall barbed-wire-topped border fence to be built along their property lines. Most of these landowners (at least 80) reside in Val Verde County and have already signed agreements with Texas’ military department which is managing the project.

Much of the vulnerable southern border called the Del Rio region by border authorities is made up of privately owned land. This region is among the most heavily trafficked by illegal immigrants with around 150,000 arrests between February and July. Landowners in the area have asked elected officials for assistance due to the increasing border crisis. These landowners are collaborating with the government to build fencing without receiving compensation or incentives according to Renae Eze, spokeswoman for Governor Abbott.

(PHOTO: 123 Texas Landowners Unite: Building Border Fencing to Tackle Illegal Immigration)

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Texas Speeds Up Border Fence Construction Amid Rising Human Smuggling Incidents and Illegal Immigration

Texas has pinpointed 733 miles of land along its border suitable for fence construction with the National Guard leading the project. The state encountered challenges acquiring land for border barriers in the past. However, increased support from private landowners seeking government protection has accelerated the process. Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe reports an alarming surge in human smuggling incidents with his deputies now responding to approximately five calls per day compared to just one per weekend in the past.

Governor Abbott initially announced the closure of six border entry points to prevent undocumented immigration but reversed this decision on Thursday. Citing a request from the federal government, Abbott attributed the reversal to President Biden’s policies which he claimed were the cause of the initial border closure announcement.

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