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Nassau County’s Proposed Transgender Athlete Ban Sparks Controversy

Nassau County's Proposed Transgender Athlete Ban Sparks Controversy

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman introduced a contentious bill on Friday aimed at prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in women’s and girls’ sports at county-owned athletic facilities. This marks his second attempt to implement such a ban. Earlier this year, Blakeman issued an executive order to enforce the ban, but it was struck down by … Read more

Miracle in Nicaragua: Bishop Rolando Alvarez and 18 Clergy Members Freed After Vatican Negotiations

In a surprising turn of events, Nicaragua has announced the release of Bishop Rolando Alvarez and 18 other clergy members, following intense negotiations with Vatican authorities. The religious leaders had been incarcerated last year as part of the government’s heightened crackdown on religious figures, accused of supporting a plot to overthrow the regime in 2018. … Read more

Press Freedom Groups Urge Biden to Act on Journalist Safety Amidst Israel-Gaza Conflict

In the wake of the recent Israel-Gaza conflict that claimed the lives of at least 79 journalists, press freedom and human rights groups are calling on U.S. President Joe Biden to take immediate action to ensure the safety and protection of journalists covering the hostilities. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Freedom House, Freedom of … Read more

Polish Journalist Denied Medication in Belarusian Prison Amidst Human Rights Concerns

The human rights concerns surrounding Andrzej Poczobut, a former correspondent for a major Polish newspaper, who is currently imprisoned in Belarusian prison, on the denial of essential heart medication and the broader implications for his well-being, as well as the erosion of his basic human rights while in custody. Denied Medication and Basic Rights of … Read more