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Understanding Refundable vs. Nonrefundable Tax Credits – Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and More!

Understanding Tax Credits: Refundable vs. Nonrefundable – Expert Tips from Tax Attorney Adam Brewer Making the Most of Refundable and Nonrefundable Tax Credits As the April 15 deadline gets closer, the IRS is reminding Americans about tax credits. These credits can lower what you owe or increase your refund, according to the report of Fox … Read more

400 SNAP Benefit Cases of Credit Card Theft in Cuyahoga County: Stay Vigilant and Protect Your Benefits!

Alert on Credit Card Theft Skimming Rising Concerns According to Fox 8, Cuyahoga County’s Health and Human Services department in Ohio is warning SNAP benefit users about credit card theft skimming. Kevin Gowan who works with the county’s program says there have been over 400 incidents of credit card theft since February. Skimmers put devices … Read more

$850,000 in Ohio Tax Refunds Held Due to Unemployment Identity Theft: Victims Receiving Compensation Appeal Process in Place!

Ohioans Stunned by Withheld Tax Refunds Sudden Refund Hold-ups According to Fox 8, many Ohio Americans were surprised when they got letters saying their state tax refunds were stopped because of unemployment identity theft. Phil Nash and his wife were confused when they saw their refund was $0.00 with no explanation. They later found out … Read more

$850,000 Fraud Case: Over 1800 Ohio Tax Refunds Held – Frustrated Residents Struggle for Clarification

Identity Theft Leads to Ohio Tax Refund Shock Investigation Uncovers Widespread Impact on Ohio Tax Refund According to Fox 8, Many Americans in Ohio were expecting to get their state tax refunds but instead got a letter saying they wouldn’t be getting any money back. Phil Nash and his wife in Cleveland were surprised to … Read more

Ohio Tax Refunds Vanish: Thousand Faces of Suspected Theft Delayed the Uncertain Return

Tax Refund Trouble Identity Theft Nightmare The Fox 8 I-Team found a big problem for Ohio folks waiting for their tax refund. Instead of getting their tax refunds, many people got letters saying they wouldn’t get any money. This left them wondering, “Where’s my money from tax refund? Phil Nash and his wife in Cleveland … Read more