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2 Men Charged with Disturbing the Dead: Allegations of Grave Desecration in St. Louis, Missouri

After they reportedly excavated their grandmother’s grave over many days in August, two 73-year-old men were accused last week. A court document states that on August 22, a Berkeley Police Department officer responded to a report of property damage at Washington Park Cemetery and saw a guy, later identified by KSDK-TV as Jimmie Allen, “throwing … Read more

Tragic Confrontation: 80-Year-Old Missouri Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Roommate Over Button-Pushing

An 80-year-old man is accused of shooting his roommate to death during a fight in which the victim purportedly attempted to kill the suspect. He is being charged with multiple counts, including second-degree murder. When Taney County Sheriff’s Office officers received a report on November 2 at 7:04 p.m., they learned that a guy in … Read more

Tragic Family Clash in Missouri Man Accused of Shooting Two Stepsons in Violent Home Dispute

Last week, a man claimed to have shot and killed his wife’s boys at their home, saying he was acting to defend himself. Terrill Anderson is accused of second-degree murder, attempted criminal action, voluntarily killing someone, and armed criminal action, according to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. According to Independence Police’s suspicious activity statement, the … Read more