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1,000 Jobs Cut: Indeed.com CEO Announces 8% Global Workforce Reduction – Check It Now!

Indeed.com is laying off 1,000 employees globally focusing on organizational simplification, supporting departing employees, and maintaining its mission amid the Global Workforce Reduction.

Indeed.com Announces Layoffs Affecting 1,000 Employees – Global Workforce Reduction

Chris Hyams, CEO of Austin-based job-search site Indeed.com announced on Monday that the company is laying off around 1,000 employees globally which is about 8% of its workforce. Despite questions about how this will affect the number of employees in Austin the company has chosen not to say more than what was in Hyams’ letter, according to an article of Austin- American Stateman.

Last summer, Indeed had 2,800 employees in Austin down about 100 from the year before. The company didn’t give an updated number on Monday. Hyams expressed sadness about the decision in his letter. He said the layoffs are needed to make the organization simpler so decisions can be made faster and to help the company grow revenue and hire more efficiently.

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Indeed.com Offers Support Amid Layoffs

The layoffs are different from the ones in March 2023 when 2,200 jobs were cut globally. Then, the layoffs were spread out across different groups and regions but now they’re mostly in the United States and mostly affect research and development (R&D) and certain Go-to-Market teams. Hyams said the company made sure the process was fair and didn’t unfairly impact certain groups.

Hyams also said the company will give support to employees who are leaving, including severance pay, healthcare benefits and help finding new jobs. He said Indeed is still committed to its goal of helping 100 million people find jobs by 2030. The company’s leaders have planned a global town hall meeting to give more details about the changes and answer employees questions.

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For employees who are leaving Indeed wants to make sure they have as much help as possible during this difficult time. Despite the layoffs, the company is still focused on its mission of helping millions of people find jobs.

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