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Discover Nevada’s Most Dangerous Cities: Stay Safe in Las Vegas and Reno

Beware: Nevada’s Most Dangerous Crime Zones in Las Vegas and Reno

Stay Safe in Nevada: Avoiding Crime Hotspots in Las Vegas and Reno

In Nevada, where there’s a lot of excitement and fun there’s also a serious problem with most dangerous crime, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Some places in cities like Las Vegas and Reno can be most dangerous because there are Americans who might try to steal from you. It’s important for everyone, whether they live here or are just visiting, to be careful and know which areas to avoid.

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6 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada


Nestled in Nevada’s northern realm, close to the picturesque Lake Tahoe, Reno emerges as a city with a shadowy crime statistic. Despite its smaller population compared to Las Vegas, Reno’s crime numbers stand out starkly. In 2022, it recorded a concerning 1,419 instances of violent crime, surpassing Las Vegas when considering population differences. With a reported violent crime rate of 1.05 per capita, exceeding that of Las Vegas, Reno’s position in this less-than-enviable list cannot be overlooked. Its crime figures not only overshadow Las Vegas but also tower over the national average, reflecting a troubling trend for the city.

Las Vegas

As Nevada’s bustling metropolis and renowned “Sin City” Las Vegas holds a notorious reputation for crime. Its status as the most populous city in Nevada translates into the highest number of reported crimes statewide. Las Vegas dominates every category of violent crime, including murder, rape, assault and motor vehicle theft. With a violent crime rate of 5.36 the odds of falling victim to violent crime in Las Vegas are 1 in 190. The city’s bustling atmosphere, filled with bars, nightclubs and casinos, inadvertently contributes to its elevated crime rates, further solidifying its ‘Sin City’ moniker.

North Las Vegas

Situated adjacent to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas grapples with its own share of violent crime. With over 2,000 reported incidents including 118 rapes and 1,565 aggravated assaults, the city’s violent crime rate is double the national average. While slightly lower than Las Vegas proper, it still exceeds the norm. However, there has been a noticeable decline in crime rates since 2018 offering a welcomed relief for both residents and law enforcement.


Nestled along Interstate 80 linking Reno and Salt Lake City, Elko presents an unsettlingly high crime rate for its size. Despite its population of less than 25,000 Elko contends with violent crime rates nearly equivalent to those of Las Vegas and 25% higher than the national average. With notable incidents of rape and motor vehicle theft, Elko’s crime rate of 34.48 even surpasses that of larger cities like Las Vegas and Reno a surprising figure for such a small town.


Just four miles east of Reno, Sparks shares its neighbor’s crime concerns. As Nevada’s fifth-largest city Sparks bears a significant crime burden with violent crime rates comparable to Reno’s. Despite this Sparks reports fewer incidents of murder than its counterparts and its higher average household income compared to Reno suggests that not all is bleak in this suburb.


As Nevada’s second-largest city and one of the fastest-growing areas in the U.S. Henderson boasts a relatively lower violent crime rate compared to its counterparts. However, with over 500 reported incidents in 2022 it still ranks fourth in Nevada for violent crime. Despite its proximity to Las Vegas, Henderson maintains a reputation for relative safety, although its ranking might seem lower than expected given its population size.

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