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Danger Zone: The Most Hazardous Cities in Idaho

Danger Zone: The Most Hazardous Cities in Idaho
Danger Zone: The Most Hazardous Cities in Idaho

Boise: Despite its status as Idaho’s largest city, Boise boasts lower crime rates compared to state and national averages.

Jerome: With a crime rate significantly higher than the state average, Jerome presents safety concerns for residents.

Sandpoint: Known for its natural beauty, Sandpoint struggles with above-average crime rates, making it one of Idaho’s less desirable places to live.

Coeur d’Alene: This lakeside city’s crime rate is notably above the national average, particularly for violent crimes.

Lewiston: Despite its outdoor attractions, Lewiston’s crime rate exceeds the national average, especially in property crimes.

Payette: High crime rates, especially for violent crimes, make Payette one of Idaho’s most dangerous cities.

Nampa: Property crime is a major issue in Nampa, with rates nearly double the national average, raising concerns for potential residents.

Caldwell: Caldwell faces challenges with extremely high violent crime rates, putting it among Idaho’s most unsafe cities.

Mountain Home: Despite its small-town charm, Mountain Home contends with high crime rates, particularly for property crimes.

Chubbuck: Violent and property crime rates in Chubbuck exceed national averages, posing safety risks for residents.

Blackfoot: Drug use contributes to Blackfoot’s high crime rates, making it one of Idaho’s most dangerous cities.

Twin Falls: While not the most hazardous, Twin Falls’ crime rates exceed national averages, with some neighborhoods posing higher risks.

Pocatello: Drug use and poverty contribute to Pocatello’s high crime rates, despite its attractions and community policing efforts.

Garden City: With rising violent crime rates and issues like drug trafficking and poverty, Garden City is considered one of Idaho’s riskiest areas.

Key Takeaway: When considering settling down in Idaho, it’s essential to weigh the safety concerns of each city against its attractions and amenities. From the picturesque landscapes to the vibrant downtown areas, Idaho offers diverse living options, but awareness of crime rates is crucial in making informed decisions.

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