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Three Minors Arrested for Violently Attacking Man

Three Minors Arrested for Attacking Man in Long Beach

Swift Police Response Incident Involving Assaulted Man on Pacific Avenue

According to NBC Los Angeles, a troubling event happened over the weekend in Long Beach California. Three kids ages 12 to 15, got arrested for violently attacking man. It all went down on Pacific Avenue and the cops showed up fast. They found the man hurt but he didn’t want to go to the hospital.

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Three Minors Arrested for Violently Attacking Man (PHOTO: FLICKR)

Violent Escalation Long Beach Residents Concerned as Minors Face Serious Charges in Assault Case

The fight started with words between the man and the kids but things got violent fast. The kids hit the man with a tripod and tent poles, then threw things at him. The cops caught the kids later and now they’re facing serious charges. Everyone in Long Beach is worried about safety and the police are working hard to make sure the victim gets justice.

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