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$15.1 Million Settlements: Chicago Cubs Payout $1.225 Million in Telemarketing Lawsuit; 2,486 Eligible for $300 Compensation | Other Grievances Addressed

Chicago Cubs Settle Telemarketing Lawsuit for $1.225 Million

A lawsuit about the Chicago Cubs phone sales ended with the team paying $1.225 million, according to the published article of The US Sun. People said the Cubs kept sending texts even after they said to stop. The Cubs didn’t admit they did anything wrong, but they paid to end the fight.

People who got texts might get $300 each. To get the money they had to get two texts after saying no, within a year four years ago. About 2,486 people can get paid. Some might get more or less than $300, depending on how many texts they got.

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Other Settlements Addressing Consumer Grievances

When lots of people have a problem, they can go to court together. This helps them get money without fighting alone. People care a lot about their privacy. If a company messes up and shares their private stuff, they might have to pay a lot.

Another company had to pay $1.6 million for sharing people’s banking info. A home care company also paid $7,500 to people whose health info got out. Another company paid $7 million to some people in California. They’ll get money every month. These stories show how big companies sometimes have to fix their mistakes.

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