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$421 Million Impasse: New York’s Housing Crisis Leaves Negotiators Stumped on April Fool’s Day

Albany Grapples with Housing Crisis Amidst Wage Dispute

Housing Legislation at Risk as Albany Faces Worker Wage Impasse

Albany is trying to fix the big problem of not having enough houses for everyone in New York, according to the published article of The Real Deal. But they’re having trouble because the people who build houses and the workers who help them can’t agree on how much money the workers should get paid. This means important housing laws might not get passed as planned.

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Albany Grapples with Housing Crisis Amidst Wage Dispute. (photo: The Business Journals)

Stalemate Over Housing Crisis: Builders and Workers Clash Over Wages

The Housing Crisis in New York is really serious but the people in charge can’t figure out how to solve it because the builders want to keep costs low and the workers want higher wages. This makes it hard for everyone to agree on what to do. As the deadline for making decisions gets closer people are getting worried that nothing will get done to help fix the housing problem.

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