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$100 Million Investment Expected to Boost Downtown Shreveport Revitalization!

Renovation Potential

Tax Credit Incentives

According to West Centrals Best, Downtown Shreveport Development officials are excited about the possibility of a $100 million investment so this means more growth downtown. Janie Landry, who leads the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), thinks more buildings might get renovated soon. This $100 million investment could happen because of future tax credits that would encourage building owners to invest in improvements.

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$100 Million Investment Expected to Boost Downtown Shreveport Revitalization! (PHOTO: KSLA)

Promising Prospects

Landry feels hopeful after some recent news. Representatives from the National Park Service and Louisiana Office of Historic Preservation visited downtown. They were looking at projects that want to get historic tax credits. These $100 million investment credits are a big deal because they make it easier for buildings downtown to get fixed up. Additionally, Landry mentioned that companies in the film and production industry are showing more interest in downtown Shreveport. The potential for more renovations downtown is good news for everyone. It could mean more people working in offices and a better experience for everyone who lives or visits downtown. With historic $100 million investment tax credits and interest from industries like film, downtown Shreveport could soon see some positive changes that bring new life to the area.

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