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After Mother Karen’s Death, Kris Jenner’s Niece Shares Her Story: “Happened So Quickly”

Days after her untimely death, Kris Jenner’s niece Natalie Zettel is thinking back on her mother, Karen Houghton. Zettel paid tribute to her late mother on Instagram. She passed away on Monday, 18th March, at the age of 65. Zettel wrote on March 20. “Dear Mommy, I can’t believe your [sic] gone,” it said. It’s not even real, this. I can’t stop wishing that I’ll get to say goodbye to you, embrace you, kiss you, or hear your voice. You were everything to me and my best friend. I’m very thankful to have had a mother like you, the best mom a daughter would wish for. The 25-year-old rising model did not disclose the reason behind her mother’s passing, but she did imply that it was highly unexpected when she said, “It all happened in a flash & I wasn’t ready for you to go.” “And I’m not sure how I’ll manage without you. She said, “I love you, Mommy, and I will always miss you.”

Everything Happened So Quickly

A collection of pictures of Houghton, one of which showed her holding Zettel shortly after her birth, were posted with the comment. “You were the sweetest, most loving, giving, caring, and kindest soul,” she went on. You had the largest heart of everyone. And without you, I’m not sure how I’ll manage. I wasn’t prepared for you to go because everything happened so quickly. Houghton’s cause of death remains undisclosed. Her well-known sister, Houghton, was equally affected by her untimely death, and on Tuesday, March 19, she shared a tribute on Instagram.

Collection Of Images

With a collection of images of her late sibling, Jenner, 68, said, “It is with the greatest heart & deepest sorrow that I inform you that my sister Karen died yesterday unexpectedly.” “My mom, MJ, & my niece Natalie are on my mind, and I pray that God will lead us all through this trying time.” Jenner continued by praising Houghton, calling her the “most sensitive, kindest, funny, and vulnerable person ever,” adding that her sister “at all times felt thankful for her life & treasured her friends and family, in particular her beautiful daughter.” It’s unknown if Jenner and Houghton, who previously called Jenner’s older sister “not warm and funny”, ever made up despite the heartfelt homage.

Houghton married Mark Zettel in 1996, and the two had a daughter together. In 2002, after 6 years of marriage, they got divorced. Jenner’s two daughters commented on her Instagram post, expressing their stand for their mother. “I love you Mommy” was written by Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian. Numerous well-known acquaintances of Kris also sent support, such as Faye Resnick, who wrote, “I’m very sorry, sweetie. I am sending love and light to you and your lovely family. Meanwhile, Katy Perry wrote Jenner a brief note that said, “Sending you love.”

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