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Find Out Everything About Zayn Malik’s New Song

The 31-year-old former member of One Direction officially began his new chapter on Friday, March 15, with the release of What I Am, despite fan speculation that he was leaving his pop and R&B style behind in favor of a more folksy sound. Days after Zayn Malik revealed that Room Under the Stairs, his fourth solo album, will be released on May 17, the new single has been released.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik; Source- People

Zayn Malik’s New Song Release

In his new song, Malik talks about how he’s been reading ancient stuff and he couldn’t understand it. It has a low-key atmosphere with guitars, pianos, and percussion. “There is no conspiracy that can save me,” he continues, adding that “living in the moment feels good until it hurts and I need someone.” His previous single, Love Like This, had a techno sound; What I Am is different. The song, which was released in July 2023, had a minimal drum-and-bass beat that highlighted his AutoTuned vocals. The song peaked at No. 26 on the UK Singles Chart while not making it into the Billboard Hot 100. In the seven months since it was released, the accompanying video has received 18 million views.

On Wednesday, March 13, Malik disclosed the Room Under the Stars’ title and artwork. The artwork, which takes its cues from blueprints, depicts a rural house under construction, with the room in question serving as a studio haven away from the outside world. This room’s title and the presence of two guitars suggest that the former boy band member’s sound has changed. When Grammy-winning country music producer Dave Cobb talked with Rolling Stone about working with Malik on his next album, many assumed Malik was branching out into a new genre.

Zayn Malik‘s Personal Life

Malik was raised as a Muslim and is fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu. He had previously been the target of anti-Muslim remarks. Malik declared in 2017 that he did not want to be defined by his ethnic heritage or religion and that he identified as a non-practicing Muslim. He revealed to British Vogue in November 2018 that he no longer identified as a Muslim. Malik has been candid in discussing his eating disorder throughout his time in One Direction, attributing it to the demanding schedule and hectic nature of touring. Additionally, he has discussed his struggles with worry and self-doubt, particularly before performing live alone. He has canceled several shows due to the worst anxiety of his career.

Zayn Malik’s Controversies

Late in 2015, Malik and American model Gigi Hadid started dating on and off. Hadid was the star of his Pillowtalk music video, and the two shared a cover appearance on Vogue in August 2017. For a Versace commercial, Hadid took pictures of them both in 2017. September 2020 saw the birth of their daughter, Hadid. The family lived on a working farm in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where Malik took care of cows and horses and Hadid’s mother Yolanda, and sister Bellaweree landowners. This is where the family spent much of their time. Following Hadid’s mother’s accusations that he had struck her, Malik and Hadid called it quits on their romance in October 2021. Malik pleaded not guilty to four counts of harassment.


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