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A Police officer from the New Mexico State was shot and murdered

On March 16, 2024, at 11 a.m., a live session with more information will take place at the State Police Office in northeastern Albuquerque.

Officer Justin Hare was called to help a driver on Interstate 40 close to milepost 318 on Friday, March 15 at about five in the morning, as per the NMSP.

With a flat tire, Jaremy Smith, the suspect, was trying to flag down other drivers. Officer Hare showed up shortly after and pulled up behind the suspect’s car.

Smith got out of his car and went up to Hare’s car’s passenger side window. Smith and Hare talked about fixing Hare’s flat tire. Then Hare volunteered to drive Smith into the city.

The NMSP claims that Smith shot Hare out of the blue without any warning. Smith moved to the car’s driver’s side and gave Hare another gunshot. Then Smith forced Hare into the passenger seat, took off in his patrol car, and left it there.

NMSP chief Troy Weisler stated, “Officer Hare’s final words on this planet were an attempt to assist the individual who was going to kill him.” “I’m horrified and I am disgusted by the behavior of this cold-blooded murderer.”

“We’re doing everything we can to find the person who killed Officer Hare and put them to justice. Weisler declared, “Until that is completed, we won’t stop.”

“I would like to find a moment to express my gratitude to all of the first responders and law enforcement colleagues who rushed to help my agency today. Weisler declared, “Our task is far from over.”

On Friday morning, a New Mexico State Police investigator was shot and died.

Just west of Tucumcari, on Interstate 40 at mile marker 320, there was gunfire in the eastern region of New Mexico. Justin Hare, 35, was recognized as the deceased NMSP officer.

Due to a car that had pulled off into the shoulder of the traffic lanes, Hare performed a welfare check on the freeway. This resulted in the suspect stealing the police car, which an unnamed law enforcement official said caused an accident. There are still multiple law enforcement organizations pursuing the unknown suspect. State police claim that a brown hoodie and jacket were his last spotted outfit.

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