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$2 Million Tax Credit Proposal for Portland Sea Dogs Stadium Upgrades: A Boost for Jobs or Misuse of Public Funds?

Lawmakers Consider Tax Credit for Portland Sea Dogs

Bill Details and Importance

According to Central Maine, Lawmakers are thinking about a plan to give the Portland Sea Dogs Stadium a tax credit of up to $2 million. This is to help with upgrades to their place called Hadlock Field. The bill, L.D. 2258, says that Portland Sea Dogs can get a tax credit worth 20% of the money they put into their baseball facilities in Maine. This is important because the Portland Sea Dogs’ owner Diamond Baseball Holdings, wants to spend $8 million to $10 million to make upgrades needed for Major League Baseball’s standards.

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(PHOTO: The Portland Press Herald)

Senator Troy Jackson Advocates for Portland Sea Dogs Tax Credit

Senator Troy Jackson who came up with the bill, says it’s important to keep the Portland Sea Dogs. Some people worry about using public money to fix up a private stadium but Jackson says it’s fair because it will bring more jobs and money to Maine. Most people speaking at a meeting about this bill supported it saying the Portland Sea Dogs do a lot for the community. Maura Pillsbury from the Maine Center for Economic Policy, thinks the state should spend money on other things instead. The bill still needs more talk and maybe a vote from the Taxation Committee.

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