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Top Online Grocery Partners with SNAP – Bringing Convenience to All!

First Online Retailer Approved for SNAP EBT Acceptance

SNAP Users Can Now Shop at Thrive Market Online

According to Go Banking Rates, Thrive Market‘s recent approval to accept online grocery partners with SNAP EBT is a big deal for people who use SNAP benefits. Thrive Market is the first online store allowed by the USDA to take online grocery partners with SNAP. Nick Green who helped start Thrive Market says this is a game-changer for getting healthy food no matter where you live. It means you can get groceries delivered right to your door.

Top Online Grocery Partners with SNAP – Bringing Convenience to All! (PHOTO: National Council on Aging)

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SNAP Users Can Enjoy Free Membership at Thrive Market

SNAP recipients can get a free one-year membership at Thrive Market offering discounted organic and sustainable products. To sign up they only need to visit the website input their EBT card details, and start shopping for eligible items. While online grocery partners with SNAP cover the products they’ll need another payment method for delivery fees or non-SNAP items. This option benefits those who can’t easily go to stores like seniors or people with disabilities. Online shopping allows SNAP users to access healthier options conveniently according to Nevin Cohen from the City University of New York. Despite delivery fees, LaMonika Jones from D.C. Hunger Solutions believes it’s worthwhile for the increased choice and affordability it provides.


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