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Former Head of FBI Counterintelligence Sentenced to Prison for Concealing Business Deals

Charles McGonigal, former head of FBI counterintelligence in New York, has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for concealing payments from Eastern European businessmen, including those linked to political figures in Albania and Bosnia. McGonigal’s sentencing follows his guilty plea to concealing material facts and a previous four-year sentence for undisclosed work for a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

Former Head of FBI Counterintelligence Sentenced to Prison for Concealing Business Deals (Photo from PBS)

Former Head of FBI Counterintelligence Sentencing Details:

McGonigal, who served 22 years in the FBI, pleaded guilty to concealing overseas payments, leading to consecutive sentences totaling 78 months.

Despite pleas for leniency and expressions of remorse, the judge emphasized McGonigal’s breach of trust and moral compass, declining to impose additional fines.

The arrest of the former  head of FBI counterintelligence led to probes into how law enforcement operations might have been hacked. The case was given top attention by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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Legal Proceedings and Charges for Former Head of FBI Counterintelligence

McGonigal’s actions were characterized as corruption by prosecutors, who highlighted his receipt of $225,000 in exchange for influence and protection.

He failed to disclose the payments, including a loan received in cash installments outside New York City and in New Jersey, on FBI submissions.

McGonigal’s involvement in lobbying efforts and arrangements with Eastern European individuals underscored the extent of his misconduct and its impact on political dynamics in the region.

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