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Russia and Ukraine Unite in Skepticism: Doubt Trump’s Role in Ending Conflict

In an unusual alignment, Russia and Ukraine share skepticism about former President Donald Trump’s ability to resolve the 23-month-long conflict between them according to the recent report from Miami Herald. Despite Trump’s claims that the invasion wouldn’t have occurred under his presidency, both nations express doubt. Ukrainian President Zelensky has invited Trump twice, questioning the feasibility of Trump’s promises. Moscow concurs, stating they have no understanding of how Trump could bring an end to the war.

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Shared Disbelief

Despite Trump’s assertions, neither Russia nor Ukraine sees him as a solution to the ongoing conflict. Trump has promised a swift resolution if reelected, but doubts persist on both sides.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov highlights the lack of contact with Trump regarding negotiations, supporting Zelensky’s reservations. The former president’s indifference to backing Kyiv and concerns about NATO’s security add complexity to the situation.

Zelensky describes Trump’s words as “dangerous” and questions the former president’s plans if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, emphasizing the potential repercussions for Europe and NATO.

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Uncertainty in Trump’s Role

Zelensky’s repeated invitations to Trump face skepticism, with the Ukrainian leader expressing concerns about Trump’s decision-making independent of both sides. Questions linger on the future of the war and NATO’s stance in Eastern Europe under Trump’s potential reelection.

As Trump’s promises to end the conflict remain unfulfilled, doubts arise about the effectiveness of his approach, raising uncertainties about the geopolitical landscape and potential consequences for Europe.

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