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Biloxi Partners with Securix to Tackle Uninsured Drivers and Stolen Cars Using License Plate Cameras

The City of Biloxi collaborates with Securix to address the issues of uninsured drivers and stolen cars through the installation of license plate reading cameras on I-10 and I-110. Despite concerns stemming from a previous controversy with Ocean Springs, Biloxi City Council approves the partnership, aiming to reduce the number of uninsured motorists and enhance road safety.

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Cracking Down on Uninsured Drivers

Biloxi City Council’s four-to-two vote seals the agreement with Securix, following a successful partnership with Ocean Springs that faced challenges. The focus is on deploying cameras to read license plates, identifying uninsured drivers, and imposing fines.

Chief John Miller of the Biloxi Police Department addresses concerns by emphasizing improvements in Securix’s system, highlighting fail-safes to prevent false targeting of insured drivers. The initiative aims to prompt compliance with insurance laws.

Securix’s system, already operational in other Mississippi cities, faces skepticism from some council members, questioning its efficacy and potential impact on police resources. Concerns center around the time commitment for monitoring and the system’s overall effectiveness.

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Financial Distribution and Future Concerns

Biloxi outlines the financial breakdown of fines, with the city receiving 31.7%, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety 23.8%, and the remainder going to Securix. The fine for lacking auto insurance is set at $100, with the revenues divided accordingly.

Council members, including George Lawrence and Robert Deming III, express reservations about the system’s efficiency and its impact on police resources. Deming suggests waiting for more data from other cities before determining the benefits for Biloxi.

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