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Majority of Americans Support Criminal Charges Against Trump: Poll

Photo from YouGov

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll reveals that 56% of Americans back the criminal charges against Donald Trump, accusing him of conspiring to illegally overturn the 2020 election. The survey, conducted between Jan. 4 and 8 with 2,228 respondents, holds a 2.5% margin of error.

Photo from WBAL

Public Opinion on Trump’s Ballot Eligibility

Regarding court decisions in Colorado and Maine to exclude Trump from the 2024 ballot, opinions are divided, with 49% supporting the rulings and 46% opposed. The Supreme Court has accepted Trump’s appeal in the Colorado case.

The poll indicates a split view on the Supreme Court’s decision-making process, with 43% believing it’s influenced by political beliefs and 53% trusting a decision based on the law.

Concerning Trump’s ballot eligibility, 39% argue he should stay on, 30% say he should be excluded, while 26% did not provide an opinion.

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Supreme Court’s Role in Trump’s Appeal

As the Supreme Court agrees to hear Trump’s appeal on the Colorado case, public sentiment varies. The poll discloses that 43% of respondents believe the justices would decide based on their political beliefs.

Contrastingly, 53% believe the Supreme Court would base its decision on the law, underscoring a divide in expectations regarding the judiciary’s impartiality.

The survey highlights the complexity surrounding Trump’s legal challenges, revealing nuanced public perceptions of the judiciary’s role in such matters.

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