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The 3 Most Dangerous Cities in New Jersey for 2023: Unveiling the Dark Realities

New Jersey

Crime Rates and Safety Concerns Highlighted in Annual Analysis

New Jersey, often celebrated for its iconic boardwalks and pop culture references, reveals a less glamorous side as we delve into the 10 most perilous cities in the state for 2023. Beyond the charming scenes, some cities in the Garden State are grappling with crime rates higher than the average Garden State Parkway traffic jam.

New Jersey

Our annual analysis, based on rates of violent and property crimes in cities with a population of at least 5,000, brings forth a list of cities where caution is advised. These areas have gained notoriety for incidents ranging from daylight robberies to frequent shootings.

The state’s high population density, claiming the top spot in the nation, undoubtedly contributes to the challenges faced by New Jersey in managing crime. While the data sheds light on concerning statistics, it’s essential to recognize that not all neighborhoods within these cities are equally risky.

Top 3 Most Dangerous Cities: A Closer Look

Asbury Park

1. Asbury Park: Topping the list, Asbury Park emerges as New Jersey’s most perilous city, with a crime rate triple the state average. The city’s 2020 statistics revealed a concerning 1 in 81 odds for residents to fall victim to assault, murder, or sexual assault.



2. Millville: While not as infamous as some counterparts, Millville’s higher property crime rate contributes to its overall standing as the second most dangerous city in New Jersey.



3. Bridgeton: An hour’s drive south of Philadelphia, Bridgeton claims the third spot, marked by violent crimes ranking fifth in the state and the highest burglary rate in 2020.

Safety Tips for Navigating New Jersey:

  1. Secure belongings: Car break-ins are common; leaving even small items in your vehicle can attract theft.
  2. Stay vigilant: Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to your environment.
  3. Minimalistic approach: Avoid unnecessary purses or wallets if not essential.
  4. Caution with unknown items: Be cautious if items are tied to your car; it could be a trap.
  5. Personal safety in public spaces: Keep your beverage with you at all times in bars or public areas.

As New Jersey continues to grapple with crime challenges, residents and visitors alike are encouraged to stay informed, exercise caution, and prioritize personal safety. The annual analysis aims to shed light on the dark realities faced by certain communities, emphasizing the importance of community safety efforts and awareness.

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