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Father’s Fatal Shooting Causes Infant’s Death on Eve of 1st Birthday – Billings, Montana

A 31-year-old man was shot dead at a house last week, and after he fell on top of his infant son, who also died, the family is mourning the loss of two dear ones.

The Billings Police Department reports that at around 10:05 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 1, they received a call of a shoot

ing at a residence on the 700 block of North 17th Street. Officers were informed by a witness that they saw a car approach the property and that there was a “large volley of shots being fired into the neighbouring residence.”
After forcing entry since they were unable to speak with anyone inside the house, police discovered an unconscious baby and a murdered adult male. After the child was taken to a hospital by emergency personnel, he passed away.

Tatee’k Morrison was identified as the infant and Kenneth Morrison as the adult by KTVQ-TV.

Tragic Incident in Billings: Father’s Collapse on Infant Amidst Chaos Leaves Community in Shock

Chief of Police for Billings, Rich St. John, stated during a press conference on November 2 that it “appears the male collapsed on the child.”

After obtaining the suspect’s vehicle’s description, investigators tracked it down in the 300 block of South 28th Street. People were allegedly seen by another witness getting out of a pickup truck, running inside the house, and then escaping into a nearby residence.

The homes were shut down by Billings Police, which prompted the local SWAT squad to respond. Five hours later, ten persons turned themselves in and were taken into custody; however, no one has been taken into custody about the deaths of Kenneth and Tatee’k Morrison.

Tatee’k Morrison’s obituary stated that the kid, commonly known as Ted, would have celebrated his first birthday on November 2. Calling him “Smiley” and “Bean,” his family said he was “abundantly loving, kind, sweet, full of energy, fun.”

Known by his stage name “Baby Kane,” Kenneth Morrison was previously married. He had four children with his former wife, albeit one of them passed away in 2012. He “loved his kids immensely and tried to do the best for them when he could,” according to his obituary.

“Kenneth had many close friends and family throughout his lifetime, too many to mention,” the obituary said. He had a wide social network and friends everywhere he went.”


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