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Missing Washington Man’s Remains Confirmed in Woods Discovery

Human remains discovered last month were confirmed and recognized by authorities as belonging to a missing man who had not been seen since 2019.

A statement claims that after possibly finding human remains on October 28, a hunter in the Rochester/Grand Mound region contacted the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office. K-9s from different counties and detectives from the Search and Rescue team arrived at the scene and carried on the search.

Nov. 2 marked the confirmation of Matthew Anfeldt’s 20-year-old identity.

Bizarre Behavior and Disappearance: The Unsettling Case of Anfeldt

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from Anfeldt’s neighbour on February 28, 2019, informing them that he had been invading her land. At the time, Anfeldt was “displaying very unusual behaviour,” according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. He was “arguing his family had been hurt or dead and ‘they were after him.'”

Then, according to reports, he raced into the centre of a highway where “multiple vehicles were forced to swerve or stop completely to avoid collision with him.” He had left his neighbour’s house and run over a fence. He allegedly once leapt onto the bonnet of a car before landing in a truck’s bed.

He hurried to a food store a few minutes later. Anfeldt appeared “panicked,” the store employee told authorities, and he was also sweating profusely and had dried blood on his mouth. He purportedly stated once more that his “family had been killed and he needed to get a ride because ‘they’ were after him as well.”

The staff member dialed 911, but Anfeldt escaped.

Mysterious Disappearance and Ongoing Investigation Surrounding Anfeldt’s Case

Deputies from the sheriff’s office looked for Anfeldt, but he was not located. Furthermore, they didn’t get any further calls concerning Anfeldt’s behaviour. Anfeldt’s mother told deputies there was “no validity” to Anfeldt’s statements when she was called. “She felt he was currently sober, so she’s not sure exactly what may have triggered his unusual behaviour,” she told police.

The sheriff’s office refuted allegations that Anfeldt may have been under the influence of lorazepam, meth, or ecstasy. Anfeldt was “thinking and made accusations of wanting to ‘hide,'” according to the statement.

“It experienced like almost five years of emotion, each emotion I felt the last five years just sort of ran through me at one time,” Anfeldt’s mother said to KCPQ-TV. I was unable to cry. All I can recall is that my body began to tremble.”

“My desire is to be able to bury him.” she said. If he can stay at our house with us, that’s all I want, but if someone did something wrong, “I do want them to bear the full consequences.”

This week, the Sheriff’s Office stated that because the investigation is still ongoing, they would not be releasing any more information regarding his passing.



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