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Vigilante Thwarts Subway Robbery in Times Square Heroics

In a dramatic turn of events in the heart of Times Square, a vigilant hero intervened to prevent a subway robbery, leaving the gunman still at large.

Mystery Vigilante Saves Woman from Subway Robbery

Late Tuesday night, inside the bustling 49th St. subway station, a homeless man, 49-year-old Matthew Roesch, was arrested for attempting to mug a 40-year-old woman. Roesch, positioned near an emergency exit gate close to the turnstiles, demanded money from the woman, threatening to steal her purse.

Vigilante Thwarts Subway Robbery in Times Square Heroics
Source: Yahoo News

The commotion drew the attention of a mysterious vigilante. This courageous bystander took immediate action, bravely confronting the would-be mugger, and uttered the words, “Leave her alone.” Without hesitation, the vigilante fired two shots, thwarting the robbery attempt and ensuring the woman’s safety.

Homeless Mugger Apprehended While Good Samaritan Remains at Large

Despite the valiant act, the identity of the vigilante remains unknown, and they managed to evade capture, leaving the police searching for the individual.

Matthew Roesch, the alleged assailant, was taken into custody and charged with attempted robbery. Roesch, who had been residing at a homeless shelter near Bellevue Hospital, had a prior arrest record, including a theft of service at the Times Square-W. 42nd St. subway station on September 18.

The vigilante, described as light-skinned and in their 40s, was dressed in black shorts and a green shirt at the time of the incident. Their identity and motives are shrouded in mystery, adding an intriguing layer to this heroic act.

Seeking Information and Closure

As the investigation unfolds, law enforcement is actively seeking information regarding the unidentified vigilante, who displayed remarkable courage in Times Square. Authorities are urging anyone with knowledge about the vigilante’s identity or whereabouts to come forward and provide assistance. They can contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS, with the assurance of full confidentiality for all tipsters.

Vigilante Thwarts Subway Robbery in Times Square Heroics
Source: CNN

This unexpected turn of events in the heart of New York City’s iconic Times Square serves as a reminder that everyday heroes can emerge in the most unexpected places, safeguarding the well-being of others and leaving their mark on the city’s narrative.


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