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Major Drug Bust: Bronx Fentanyl and Heroin Mill Raid Nets $4 Million in Lethal Drugs

In a coordinated effort involving federal, state, and local authorities, a substantial fentanyl and heroin mill in the Bronx was dismantled, yielding a staggering $4 million worth of potentially lethal drugs, with hundreds of thousands already prepared for distribution.

Multi-Agency Operation Targets Massive Drug Mill in South Bronx

Last week, law enforcement agencies combined their forces in a meticulously planned operation to dismantle a major drug operation in the South Bronx. The operation culminated in the confiscation of an astonishing 400,000 packages of suspected heroin and fentanyl, along with substantial quantities of loose powdered narcotics. The drug mill was operating from an apartment located on the Grand Concourse, near East 168th Street.

Major Drug Bust: Bronx Fentanyl and Heroin Mill Raid Nets $4 Million in Lethal Drugs
Source: New York Post

Eleven Suspects Apprehended in Dramatic Takedown of Fentanyl and Heroin Trafficking Ring

Federal, state, and local authorities successfully apprehended four of the eleven suspects involved in the fentanyl and heroin trafficking ring. These individuals were found hiding under solar panels on the roof of the drug operation’s location. The complex operation was executed with precision and determination.

According to a statement from DEA Special Agent in Charge Frank Tarentino, this trafficking ring, comprising eleven members, attempted to flee the scene but was unable to escape the consequences of operating an active fentanyl mill that contained hundreds of thousands of potentially lethal doses.

Concerns for Neighborhood Safety as Drug Packaging Mill Operates in Residential Area

The investigation leading to the raid spanned approximately a month, with the DEA monitoring the targeted apartment. During this surveillance period, law enforcement observed multiple individuals entering and exiting the premises, carrying bags, a glass-top table, chairs, and various equipment. The suspects were actively involved in drug-related activities, further escalating concerns for the neighborhood’s safety.

Aremedis Rivera, Juan Rivera, Heriberto Rivera, Luis Ledesma, John Reyes, Oscar Taveras, Miguel Delacruz, Ivan Carlos-Serrano, Juan Albert Serrano, Kelvin Ledesma, and Richard Manuel-Rivera were among those apprehended in the operation. They attempted to avoid capture by hiding beneath solar panels on the roof, but authorities ultimately apprehended them.

Security footage of the building provided substantial evidence linking all eleven individuals to the illicit drug mill. Upon entering the apartment, law enforcement was met with a staggering sight—bags filled with glassine envelopes, each containing deadly fentanyl, were strewn across furniture and floors. The scale of the operation was overwhelming, underscoring the magnitude of the illicit drug trade. Loose powdered fentanyl was also discovered throughout the room, emphasizing the grave risks posed by such operations.

What Else Was Discovered?

In addition to the drugs themselves, authorities uncovered an array of equipment used for drug packaging, including cutting agents, coffee grinders containing white powdery substances, scales, and branding stamps. The presence of empty glassine envelopes, even within the oven, highlighted the extent of the drug mill’s operations.

The NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office has filed an indictment against the suspects, charging them with numerous counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first and third degrees. The suspects also face charges for criminally using drug paraphernalia in the second degree.

Major Drug Bust: Bronx Fentanyl and Heroin Mill Raid Nets $4 Million in Lethal Drugs
Source: New York Post

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan expressed concern about the dangers of operating a fentanyl and heroin packaging mill in a residential building. The investigation illuminated the hazards of such illegal activities occurring in a neighborhood. Brennan emphasized the potential risks to innocent residents and the compromised security when half a million small packages of lethal drugs are produced in a nearby apartment. The devastating impact of fentanyl trafficking on the lives of New York City residents is an urgent concern, and the community is eager to see these dangers eradicated.


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