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Texas Mother Charged with Capital Murder a Year After Son’s Disappearance

After going missing for a year, a mother was charged with murder and multiple other offences in connection with the death of her 6-year-old son.

A Tarrant County grand jury has charged Cindy Rodriguez-Singh with one count of capital murder, two counts of child injury, and one count of leaving without the intent to return about Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s disappearance and death, according to a press conference held by Everman Police Chief C.W. Spencer on Monday, October 30. According to Spencer, the charges will “significantly support” the efforts to bring Rodriguez-Singh from India to Texas.
It was precisely one year ago that Rodriguez-Alvarez vanished.

Officers from the Everman Police Department responded to a house in the 3700 block of Wisteria Drive on March 20, 2023, to check on the well-being of the youngsters residing there, including Rodriguez-Alvarez. Everman Police claimed that Rodriguez Singh’s statement to the officers that Rodriguez-Alvarez was staying with a family member in Mexico was “false information

Disappearance of Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez: Uncovering Disturbing Details

Rodriguez-Singh, her spouse, and their six kids departed for India two days later on a plane. But Rodriguez-Alvarez was not there.

A few days after the family departed, Rodriguez-Singh paid to have fresh concrete laid on their home’s porch, as the police discovered. After obtaining a search warrant, the investigators searched through the soil and concrete but found nothing.

For abandoning or endangering a child, Rodriguez-Singh and her husband, Arshdeep Singh, were the subject of an arrest order that was issued on March 31. Everman Police reported in an April update that detectives were switching from a case involving a missing person in danger to one involving a death.

Rodriguez-Singh was reportedly “known by relatives to be abusive and neglectful to Noel,” according to the police, and this included allegedly hitting the youngster with keys when he drank water. According to reports, “Cindy did not like wiping Noel’s dirty diapers,” therefore she withheld food and drink.

Rodriguez-Alvarez showed up for a speech therapy session on July 21, 2022. After that, he skipped several additional meetings, which prompted Rodriguez-Singh to receive a warning from the Texas Department of State Health Services that she would lose the boy’s government assistance. Rodriguez-Singh allegedly encouraged a friend’s kid to pose as Rodriguez-Alvarez in the doctor’s office, according to Everman Police.

Disturbing Details Emerge in Case of Missing Boy Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez

According to reports, he was seen at the hospital following Rodriguez-Singh’s twin delivery, indicating that he was still alive in October. Rodriguez-Singh allegedly called Rodriguez-Alvarez “evil” and “possessed” after the delivery. It also seems that she thought he was possessed by a demon.

Rodriguez-Singh obtained passport applications and photos for her six children the following month, November, except Rodriguez-Alvarez. She allegedly said that Rodriguez-Alvarez was in Mexico with his biological father, with his aunt, or that she had sold him to a woman in a market parking lot when people inquired about his whereabouts.

Rodriguez-Alvarez had not been sold nor trafficked, investigators concluded.

The city of Everman passed a resolution naming a new playground in Rodriguez-Alvarez’s honour. They decided to rename the park Noel Angel Alvarez Playground and remove his mother’s name from the title.

“”The last thing I want is for a six-year-old boy to pass away at the hands of his mother,” Spencer said at the October 30 press conference. Although it’s not what I desire, those are the facts at hand, and that’s what we’re examining.”






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