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Social Security Direct Payment Worth $914 Arrives in 29 Days

In less than a month, the Social Security Administration will send the first of two December SSI payments to millions of claimants of Supplemental Security Income.

On Friday, December 1, 2023, the first wave of payments will be distributed. The maximum amount for individual filers is $914. The second will be distributed on Friday, December 29, due to a scheduling error on the part of the administration. The payment for January will be replaced by the subsequent instalment.

Recipients must meet specific financial conditions and be at least 65 years old to be eligible for the benefits. According to the administration, certain individuals under 65 may be eligible for the payments if they are at least partially blind or have a mental or physical disorder that severely limits their day-to-day activities and may result in death in less than a year.

Understanding Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) Payment Rates and Eligibility

Beneficiary payments come in different amounts. The monthly payment rate for individuals is $914. The monthly payment rate for couples who qualify is $1,371 in total. Essential individuals who live with an SSI recipient and give them the care they require are paid $458 a month.

If a child is at least partially blind or suffers from a medical or mental illness that substantially limits their ability to function for a minimum of one year, they may be eligible for SSI payments. If a parent is not getting SSI benefits or if they have low income and savings, the child may also be eligible for assistance.

The administration projects a 3.2% increase in the monthly benefit amount for the following year. For regular retirement income, which is different from SSI payments, it will increase by the same proportion. Seniors who meet the eligibility requirements for both supplemental aid and regular retirement benefits can receive both.

Because not every beneficiary will receive the maximum payout, filers can use the SSA’s calculator to see a specific estimate.


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