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Fatal Shooting Leads to Arrest of Two Vermont Men in Alleged Drug Dispute

Following a purported drug-related altercation in which a guy was shot and murdered and his body was then disposed of in the woods, two housemates were placed under arrest.

Hunters in Washington County reported finding a body at around 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 27 and notified Vermont State Police. After arriving at the location, troopers concluded that the man who was the victim had passed away “under suspicious circumstances.” Two days later, the victim was identified as 42-year-old Jeffrey Caron, who passed away from a gunshot wound, by the medical examiner during an autopsy.

Following that, on Tuesday, October 31, troopers from the Vermont State Police arrested Chris Relation, 51, for accomplice after knowing about second-degree murder, and 35-year-old Kyle Bressette on the accusation of murder.

A “dispute involving drugs” is said to have occurred between Bressette and Caron on October 24 or 25, according to Vermont State Police. Connection is said to have assisted Bressette following the murder but refrained from reporting it to the authorities.

Vermont Man Resists Arrest as He Faces Multiple Charges in Connection with Fatal Shooting

After obtaining arrest warrants, authorities said that Bressette resisted turning herself in for several hours. On allegations of serious assault on a law enforcement officer, criminal operation of a vehicle without permission from the owner, operating a vehicle with a license that was suspended, failure to use an ignition interlock device and petty larceny, he also had another warrant out for his arrest.

The Barre Montpelier Times Argus reports that Caron’s body was burnt, and local camera footage indicated that there had been a fire at the time when he was allegedly killed.

According to the affidavit, Detective Sgt. Isaac Merriam of the Vermont State Police claimed that Relation and Caron intended to steal Bressette’s drugs. Bressette and Relation shared a room, but it was said that Relation no longer wanted to live with him. Caron used a pipe to conceal himself as Bressette and Relation returned to their house. After a fight breaks out between Bressette and Caron, Bressette is accused of shooting Caron in the chest. Bressette allegedly stole Caron’s body and dumped it in the woods after the shooting.

According to Merriam, Bressette denied ever knowing Caron in the statement. Relation supposedly messaged Caron on Facebook to find out where he was, but according to Merriam’s statement, Relation knew Caron had died.



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