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Controversy Erupts as Individuals Facing Burglary and Theft Charges, Identified as Illegal Aliens, Are Released from Jail- Chicago, Illinois

A couple of illegal Venezuelans were caught in a Chicago suburb and charged with burglary and theft after being lured into the area under the Windy City’s sanctuary policy.

Illegal Venezuelan Immigrants Charged with Theft and Burglary Released under Chicago’s Sanctuary Policy

Following their arrests, both were freed from jail.
Venezuelans Abel Barrios-Estava and Rafael Mata-Torres were apprehended on Oct. 23 after authorities were called about an investigation in progress, according to Oak Brook, Illinois, police. Officers were summoned to the Oak Brook Macy’s shop at 5:27 p.m., according to WFLD-TV in Chicago.
According to police, Barrios-Estava was seen visiting the store, taking six pieces of apparel worth more than $300, and leaving without paying for them, just another example of the type of crime that is on the rise in Chicago and its suburbs.
A store surveillance officer allegedly attempted to apprehend the individual, but he eluded the officer and escaped across 22nd Street.
Officers apprehended Barrios-Estava and put him into custody once more. Barrios-Estava was not the only migrant charged with retail theft by Oak Brook police that day. Another suspect, later recognized as Mateo-Torres, also entered Macey’s, but he allegedly removed 13 articles of apparel and attempted to flee without paying.

Mateo-Torres was apprehended without incident by loss prevention personnel.
Both guys will appear in court again on November 20.
In the meanwhile, they have been fitted with electronic surveillance equipment and are not permitted to enter the business, but they have been released from jail.

Retail Theft by Illegal Venezuelan Immigrants Raises Concerns Amid Chicago’s Sanctuary Policy Debate

DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin stated in an Oct. 24 press release about the arrests that retail theft costs American businesses billions of dollars.
“The National Retail Sector¬†Association believes that retail theft cost businesses nationwide more than $112 billion last year, up from $96 billion in 2021,” Berlin stated in a press release. “These losses cause enormous financial strain to businesses and the staff they employ, higher prices for shoppers and a decrease in revenues from taxes for the entire community as a whole

“The Oak Brook Police Department continues to proactively combat all forms of organized retail theft, and aggressively pursue offenders,” said Oak Brook Deputy Chief of Police Mark King. By working together with the DuPage State’s Attorney’s office and retail loss prevention agents, we can continue to efficiently investigate, apprehend, and prosecute these offenders.”
Of course, as Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies continue to plunge America into disaster, Chicago has been inundated with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom have recently arrived from Venezuela.
According to Chicago’s WBBM-TV, violence has gotten so terrible in the city that an alderman is fervently advocating for deportation as a deterrence.

Alderman Ray Lopez stated in August, “I suppose that we have to send the message loud and clear that there are certain things that are inappropriate in our society.”
Furthermore, according to ABC’s WLS-TV, Chicagoans have reached a breaking point, as 46% of them now believe the city should abandon its sanctuary city laws, compared to 39% who believe they should stay in place. One in fourteen respondents said they were “unsure.”
With hundreds of illegal immigrants arriving every week, the Windy City is rapidly drowning in a deluge of crime, drug abuse, prostitution, and millions of tax dollars wasted.


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