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Autopsy Reveals Maleesa Mooney, L.A. Model, Found Dead in Refrigerator with ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ Injuries- Los Angeles, California

Maleesa Marie Mooney’s death was revealed in new details on Friday. The beloved model’s autopsy report, acquired by PEOPLE from the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner, classified Mooney’s basis for death as “homicidal violence.”
On September 12, Mooney, 31, was discovered dead in her metropolitan Los Angeles association. According to the autopsy, she was battered and shackled before being stuffed inside her refrigerator.

Accused in the Deaths of a Los Angeles Model and an Architect was Charged with Physically Assaulting Four Others

Mooney was last spotted on CCTV footage on September 6 at her place of residence. On September 12, police were called to the model’s home after her mom demanded an investigation into her welfare.
The postmortem examination also found that she had suffered blunt force damage to various regions of her body. According to the postmortem report, toxicology examinations revealed evidence of both drugs in her body.

The chief medical officer noted in the examination report that “the severe blunt-force wounds observed at postmortem tend not to be deemed extremely  on their own.” “On the other hand based on the details of how Ms. Mooney came to be found, these wounds indicate she was likely engaged in a violent assault  during her tragic passing.” Consequently, the investigation states that it is “uncertain” if drugs or alcohol had any part in her demise.

No one has been taken into custody in this instance. When reached by PEOPLE, a spokesman with the Los Angeles Police Department was unable to provide any information. Mooney was approximately two months expecting, according to Jourdin Pauline, her victim’s sister.
Pauline, 24, told people earlier this month, “She was very excited and I know she wants a kid, and it’s an ambition that she has always talked about.” She added that the lover of her late sister was “heartbroken” by the event.

Heartbreaking Revelations: Pauline Recounts Sister Maleesa Mooney’s Tragic End Amidst Ongoing Inquiry

Before talking about Mooney’s pregnancy, Pauline claimed that because of the ongoing inquiry, their loved ones did not have many specifics. My sister was fighting, based on what we witnessed at the funeral and coroner, and it’s heartbreaking. It’s horrific conduct.” I would not want this on anyone,” said Pauline. “Many things don’t make sense to us. “Many of the claims are deemed unrealistic by us.”
She also remembered the occasion when, following the welfare check, her family arrived at Mooney’s flat.
“It was, to be open, kind of chilling,” she said. “I’ve never experienced anything like that previously.”. The refrigerator was gone, and sections of the carpet were torn up. Everything that occurred that evening was traumatizing and terrifying. I am aware of her extreme fear. I simply detest thinking about it.

Just two days after a second model in the metropolitan Los Angeles region was discovered dead in her residence, Mooney was also discovered dead. Police have stated that the two crimes are unrelated even though they share similarities.
The 32-year-old Nichole Coats’ autopsy report was made public on Tuesday. After her relatives asked for welfare verification and were unable to contact her, her body was found. From “cocaine and ethanol toxicity,” Coats passed away on September 10, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner reported.

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