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“Sugar Daddy Theft: Las Vegas Woman Accused of Stealing Over $50,000 from Date’s Hotel Room”

Last week, a 27-year-old woman was taken into custody after allegedly ditching her date at a U2 performance, breaking into his hotel room, and stealing thousands of dollars from the safe in his room.

A guy in his 50s called the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on October 15 to report that cash and casino chips had been stolen from him, according to an arrest report that KLAS-TV reported. It was claimed by the police that the unidentified victim informed them that he had met Hailey McNally around five weeks before the event on the dating website “Seeking Arrangement”. He allegedly acknowledged that he was a “sugar daddy” and said that he had given McNally $2,500 in return for spending the weekend at Caesars Palace.

KLAS publishes On Friday, October 13, McNally and the man got together and spent the evening together by the pool and over dinner. After the man became drunken McNally apparently sent him to bed and saw him again the following morning. She claimed that he gave her $400 to gamble with, and she won more than $3,000.

“Date Heist: Woman Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Thousands from Sugar Daddy’s Hotel Room”

In response to the victim’s request to place her purse in his safe, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which also cites the investigation, McNally “verbally gave Hailey the combination number.”

Both the deceased and McNally attended the U2 performance at the recently opened Sphere the next evening. According to reports, she excused herself from the performance to use the restroom. “Are you okay?” was allegedly the text message sent by the victim to McNally after she had been gone for a few minutes.
The victim claims that after McNally did not answer, he returned to his hotel room and discovered that his $7,000 in gambling chips and $50,000 in cash had vanished. When he called the police, they recognized McNally as the culprit.
On October 17, McNally was allegedly found by Las Vegas Metro Police on West Sahara Avenue and taken into custody. After obtaining a search warrant, the police found $11,700 in cash and $5,200 in Caesars Palace casino chips in her residence.

According to Las Vegas court documents, McNally is accused of grand larceny in excess of $25,000 but below $100,000 and residential burglary. On October 18, she posted a bond.




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