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“Florida Mom Accused of Leaving Toddler and Baby Unattended in Unlocked Car While Visiting Bar”

This week, police detained a 33-year-old woman who is accused of leaving her two children in an unsecured car so she could visit a bar.

A patrolling officer spotted a black SUV parked in the lot behind Penny Annie’s Bar on Minto Road on Oct. 22 even though it was unlocked and the engine was still running, according to a press release from the West Melbourne Police Department. The policeman approached the car and saw a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old kid lying asleep in the back seat.
The registered owner, Jamie Gunn, was reportedly in the bar with a friend.

Police Discover Unattended Toddlers Inside Running SUV Outside Penny Annie’s Bar

The police claimed that Gunn had been in the bar for at least 20 minutes “while having no regard for her children who were left unattended.”
Gunn seem to become more anxious about going to jail than the welfare of her children after hearing that police were outside with her car.
Gunn was detained by police on suspicion of neglecting a kid and was given a $15,000 bond before receiving custody in the Brevard County jail. Oct. 23 saw her release.
The toddler and baby were reportedly taken into the care of a relative, and the Department of Children and Families will look into the situation further.

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