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New England Shines Bright: Two Top Halloween Events in the USA

Throughout the month of October, the Salem Psychic Fair and Witches’ Market come alive with daily festivities, creating an immersive and mystical experience. TripsToDiscover.com describes Salem as “one of the best places to celebrate Halloween in the U.S.,” where the spirit of the season is embraced with open arms.

New England Shines Bright: Two Top Halloween Events in the USA
Source: New England Inns and Resorts

Salem’s Festival of the Dead: A Spellbinding Halloween Celebration

New England has cast its enchanting spell on Halloween enthusiasts across the United States, claiming two coveted spots on TripsToDiscover.com’s list of the “16 Best Halloween Events in the Country.” Salem, Massachusetts, renowned for its historical ties to witchcraft trials, hosts the captivating “Festival of the Dead,” securing its place as one of the nation’s premier Halloween destinations.

Laconia’s New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival: A Pumpkin Paradise for All

Another gem in New England’s Halloween crown is the “New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival” nestled in Laconia. This two-day extravaganza, slated for October 27th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and October 28th from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., promises a cornucopia of delights for festival-goers. The festival boasts a diverse array of activities and attractions, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Families can explore the Kids’ Zone brimming with games, peruse a craft show for unique treasures, savor delectable offerings from food trucks, and revel in the performances of street artists. For those seeking a more adult-oriented experience, a beer garden awaits, providing a chance to unwind and savor local brews.

The heart of the festival lies in its pumpkin-centric celebrations. Attendees can partake in the mesmerizing jack-o’-lantern lighting, where a sea of illuminated pumpkins creates a magical ambiance. The “zombie walk” adds a thrilling twist to the event, allowing participants to unleash their inner undead. Fitness enthusiasts can join the 5K and 10K run/walk, soaking in the crisp autumn air and scenic beauty. For those with a competitive spirit, a cornhole tournament beckons, while live music sets the stage for a festive atmosphere. And, of course, no Halloween gathering is complete without a costume contest, inviting all to showcase their creativity and embrace the spirit of the season.

Embracing Fall’s Magic: New England’s Halloween Charm

The allure of New England during the fall season is undeniable, and these two standout Halloween events further cement the region’s reputation as a destination brimming with autumnal charm. TripsToDiscover.com’s recognition underscores the unique and immersive experiences that Salem’s Festival of the Dead and Laconia’s New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival offer to locals and visitors alike.

New England Shines Bright: Two Top Halloween Events in the USA
Source: Boston.com

The changing leaves and vibrant colors that define New Hampshire’s autumn landscape are an integral part of the festival’s enchantment. As families, friends, and Halloween enthusiasts come together to celebrate, they not only revel in the festivities but also bask in the natural beauty that graces the region during this magical time of year.

In a world where the ordinary often prevails, New England’s Halloween celebrations stand as a testament to the enduring allure of tradition, community, and the spirit of the season. Whether it’s the rich history of Salem or the pumpkin-filled jubilation in Laconia, these events transport attendees to a world where enchantment and excitement intertwine, creating unforgettable memories for all who dare to embrace the magic of Halloween in New England.

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