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Atlas V Rocket Enters With Silent Barker Satellites For The 2nd Time

Atlas V rocket Enters with silent barker satellites and the liftoff is scheduled for this Saturday at 8:51 a.m. ET.

 Atlas V Rocket
Atlas V Rocket Enters With Silent Barker Satellites For The 2nd Time (PHOTO: Space Coast Daily)

Atlas V Rocket Enter Space Again With Silent Barker Satellites

The Atlas V rocket and its spysat payload are back for the second time to launch pad. Space.com reported that the United Launch Alliance (ULA) rolled the Atlas V rocket which is topped with multiple classified payloads for “Silent Barker,” a joint task of the US Space Force and the National Reconnaissance Office out to Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on September 7.

The rocket is scheduled to launch on September 9 at exactly 8:51 AM and it is live online at  Space.com, courtesy of ULA.

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The Atlas V Rocket Rolled Out For The Second Time To Support Silent Barker Satellites

It was the second rollout in support of Silent Barker: The Atlas V rocket first made the trek to the pad on August 25 ahead of a planned August 29 liftoff.

However, the attempt was called off due to the effects of Tropical Storm Idalia.

Moreover, it was also due to protect the rocket and its hush-hush payloads from the maelstrom, ULA rolled the Atlas V back to its vertical integration facility at Cape Canaveral on August 28.

Furthermore, the Silent Barker will send multiple satellites up to keep an eye on activity in geosynchronous orbit (GEO), which lies about 22,200 miles (35,700 kilometers) above Earth.

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