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Cape Canaveral, Florida Mysterious Hypersonic Missile Launch – Here’s What You Should Know

US military might launch a hypersonic missile this week on a test flight from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and this warning was released from Airspace and maritime navigation to pilots and mariners.

Cape Canaveral Florida
Cape Canaveral, Florida Mysterious Hypersonic Missile Launch – Here’s What You Should Know (PHOTO: Ars Technica)

Hypersonic Missile Launch In Cape Canaveral, Florida

Before the U.S. Army deploys the nation’s first ground-based hypersonic weapon, which is more maneuverable and more difficult for an enemy to track and destroy than a conventional ballistic missile, the test may be one of the final milestones.

CBS News reported that Russia hit Ukraine with a deadly hypersonic missile strike and US defense officials have labeled China as the world’s leader in emerging hypersonic missile technology.

Hence, the US military left playing catch-up, and the Army is on the cusp of having its first ground-based hypersonic missiles ready for active duty. If informed speculation is correct, the test launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Force Station this week is to be performed in partnership between the Army and the Navy.

This could be a full-scale test of the new solid-fueled hypersonic missile to propel a hypersonic glide vehicle to high speeds over the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Time And Place For The Hypersonic Missile Launch

The missile’s scheduled launch window and trajectory are indicated by the characteristics of the published launch danger zones. According to experts who closely monitor launch activity, the flight path closely matches the expected trajectory for a planned hypersonic missile test that was previously supposed to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida earlier this year.

The flight path doesn’t coincide with any planned missions by SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, or NASA. That leaves the US military, which isn’t saying much about the operation.

It appears the missile test could take off from Cape Canaveral, Florida as soon as Wednesday between approximately 10 am EDT and 1:30 pm EDT (14:00-17:30 UTC), according to the air and sea navigation warnings. The exact launch window hasn’t been announced.

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