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$600 Million Aid Package For Ukraine To Provide Weapons And Other Equipment, The Pentagon Says

Thursday, the Pentagon announced the new $600 million aid package for Ukraine is for their counteroffensive to boost by providing funding for an array of weapons and other equipment just a day after Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State visited the country and pledged $1 billion in new military and humanitarian help.

Aid package for Ukraine
$600 Million Aid Package For Ukraine To Provide Weapons And Other Equipment, The Pentagon Says (PHOTO: Arab News)

New $600 Million Aid Package For Ukraine

The new aid package for Ukraine will come through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which provides money for long-term contracts for weapons systems that need to be built or modified by defense companies, according to the Defense Department.

The aid package for Ukraine includes equipment to sustain and integrate Ukraine’s air defense systems, ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), artillery rounds, electronic warfare and counter-electronic warfare equipment, demolition munitions, and mine-clearing equipment, as well as training and maintenance.

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Biden Administration Still Continues To Support Ukraine

The aid package for Ukraine shows the Biden administration’s continued support for Ukraine’s three-month-old counteroffensive, as troops try to break through Russian defenses and clear vast minefields.

The Toronto Star reported that some allies have quietly expressed concerns about the slow-moving offensive, while others say Ukraine has made some progress and has successfully used air defenses to knock down Russian missiles.

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