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Scandal After the Death of Cancer Patient in Hospital Sparks Outrage and Demands for Accountability in North Macedonia

A tragic and deeply distressing healthcare scandal which focuses on the emotional impact of the death of cancer patient in hospital in North Macedonia on affected families who believe their loved ones received ineffective treatment, potentially leading to their deaths.

North Macedonia Witnesses Massive March as Accusations Arise of Staff Misappropriating Medications for Patient in Hospital. (Photo: ABC News)

Families Demand Justice Amidst Allegations of Placebos in Cancer Treatment of Patient in Hospital

Metro – Families in North Macedonia are grappling with anger and sorrow as they allege that their loved ones fell victim to a devastating scandal at a Skopje hospital. Outside government headquarters, protesters lashed out, calling hospital staff “murderers” over claims that cancer patient in hospital received placebos instead of vital chemotherapy drugs, believed to have been stolen.

One young man, who wished to protect his identity, shared his mother’s tragic battle with breast cancer. Her condition deteriorated significantly after receiving treatment of patient in hospital, leading to her untimely passing. He described the hospital’s actions as “monstrous,” echoing the sentiments of many affected families. The demonstration took a poignant turn as protesters symbolically dipped their hands in red paint, symbolizing the perceived blood on the hands of those they hold accountable. Eggs were thrown at the government building, and the crowd united in demanding the immediate resignation of North Macedonia’s health minister and hospital management, holding placards reading “Killers for profit” and “How many more deaths?”

This scandal surfaced earlier this year when security camera footage allegedly captured a nurse smuggling cancer drugs out of the oncology department. Subsequently, the nurse was arrested, but it took nearly four months for an initial investigation to begin. Despite recent police raids and seizures of documents, computers, and data drives, no further arrests have occurred, and charges remain pending.

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North Macedonia’s Cancer Patient in Hospital Drug Scandal Protests Erupt Amid Ongoing Investigations

According to the article of ABC News, the scandal emerged months ago following a series of media reports. In May, police arrested a nurse at the Skopje hospital, caught on CCTV smuggling cancer drugs, and accused her of profiting from their sale on the black market. Recent police raids on the hospital and staff members’ homes resulted in the seizure of documents and equipment, though no arrests or charges have been made thus far.

Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti and hospital director Violeta Klisarova asserted that “patients are safe, and there is no manipulation with the therapy.” Klisarova disclosed that since the nurse’s arrest, hospital protocols had been revamped, with restricted staff access to cancer drugs.

Mexhiti pledged to exert every effort to resolve the case, vowing close collaboration with law enforcement to ensure a thorough and impartial investigation. President Stevo Pendarovski expressed hope that this investigation would lead to appropriate consequences for those found guilty and reiterated the need to combat organized crime and corruption within the system.

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