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Eversource Enegy in Connecticut Reported Data Breach, Customers Struggles Cyber Attacks

Eversource Energy struggles with cyber attacks.

Eversource Enegy in Connecticut Reported Data Breach, Customers Struggles Cyber Attacks (Photo: TechNewsWorld)

The unauthorized access of personal data as part of a bigger data breach affected more than 3,000 Eversource Energy customers in Connecticut.

As banks, hospitals, and businesses all around Connecticut and the country continue to battle with data breaches, Eversource Energy has become the most recent company to experience one.

It is a component of the global cyberattack involving MOVEit that has impacted significant businesses. 

There have been some M&T Bank customers in Connecticut who have been impacted by the same data leak.

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Eversource Energy claimed that while they were not directly impacted by the breach, CLEAResult was. 

CLEAResult is a vendor that Eversource Energy uses to manage its electric vehicle-grid, solar incentive, and energy efficiency modernization projects.

According to Eversource Energy, the data breach involved over 1,400 customers who were registered in the soler incentive program and whose personal data, including Social Security Numbers, were stolen. 

These clients are receiving notifications of the incident and will receive identity protection and credit monitoring services from CLEAResult, as stated by Eversource Energy.

Data was stolen from around 1,800 more users who had signed up for the Connecticut EV incentive program. 

According to Eversource Energy, the data includes certain customer accounts and energy use information, but their Social Security Numbers were not compromised. 

Eversource Energy will notify those customers about the data leak.

The data hack also impacted certain Eversource Energy clients in Massachusetts.

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