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Most Dangerous Places in Texas: Beyond the Charm Of The Lone Star State

Discover certain most dangerous places in Texas that travelers should be wary of.

Most Dangerous Places in Texas: Beyond the Charm Of The Lone Star State (Photo: CANUSA)

Texas is famous for its huge cities, cuisine, and cowboy lifestyle.  The state is bursting with exciting cities, incredible culture, and breathtaking scenery. However, a few distinct locations among its wide diversity pose their own dangers and issues. These particular areas are among the most dangerous places in Texas due to hazardous roadways, high crime rates, and unpredictable weather.

Texas is a large state with a diversified population spread across a wide variety of towns and cities. With approximately 29 million people and several major cities, there is a wide range in livability and crime.

There will be safe and dangerous regions in Texas, just like there will be in any place, so it’s important to be mindful of forthcoming issues.

Let’s talk about the hidden tales of some of the most dangerous places in Texas, including those afflicted by natural disasters, perilous roadways, and crime-ridden communities. 

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Some of the most dangerous places in Texas


Beachgoers are drawn to Galveston, a coastal town on the Gulf Coast, because of its allure and pleasant climate. But there is a negative side to this place; because of its unfavorable location, storms frequently strike it. Galveston has sustained the worst hurricane damage over the past century of any Texas city.

Galveston has had 56 storms since 1930, making it one of the areas most at risk from hurricanes. Hurricane Ike, the most recent significant one, hit in 2008.

Galveston was also affected by the deadliest natural disaster in US history in 1900. Almost two-thirds of the city was devastated when a powerful hurricane swept across the island. 

A total of 8,000 to 12,000 persons, or 20 to 30 percent of the population, perished.

Galveston is among the most dangerous places in Texas during hurricane season due to its sensitivity to hurricanes, its dense population, and logistical difficulties.



Due to its high crime rate, vulnerability to hurricanes, and flooding, Houston is among the most dangerous places in Texas. 

With a crime rate of 56.23 incidents per 1,000 population, Houston is one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in America. In Houston, 1 in 18 people report having engaged in criminal activity. Economic hardship, gang activity, and illegal drug trade all add to the area’s crime problem.

Houston’s deadly reputation is made even worse by its extreme weather, especially in July and August. Due to the hurricane season, the city frequently endures substantial structural damage, strong winds, heavy rains, and storms.

Hurricane Harvey in 2017 is a perfect example of the effects of extreme weather in Houston. 103 people in Texas lost their lives as a result of storm-related occurrences as a result of this terrible storm. 

During this event, Houston had nearly 30 inches of rain in certain locations, which significantly damaged the city. Damages from the storms cost an astounding $125 billion in total.


U.S. Highway 83

In Texas, Highway 83 runs through the towns of McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley, earning the nickname of “Road to Nowhere.” 

With its beautiful views of the Texas countryside, this long, isolated road attracts attention, but it’s also one of the most dangerous places in Texas.

Unlike the conventional straight and level Texas roadways, Highway 83 is distinctive. Its winding route travels through some of the state’s most varied landscapes and is marked by sharp twists, erratic routes, and solitary sections. 

Combining these factors can lead to a perfect storm of possible road hazards, which frequently catches drivers off guard and causes tragic accidents.

Highway 83 has experienced its share of tragic accidents throughout the years, serving as important reminders of the road’s perils and the imperative need for precaution. 

Notably, a horrific incident that occurred in 2017 close to Uvalde and resulted in the deaths of 13 people when a pickup truck and a church minibus collided head-on made a lasting impression on the country.

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