An Unexpected Twist of Fate: NC Man’s $20 Lottery Ticket Purchase Lands Him $100,000 Prize

Thomas Presley, Goldsboro, NC, found $20, bought a ticket, and won $100,000.

Pocket change turns into 6 figure lottery jackpot. (Photo: Google)

In an unexpected twist of fate, Thomas Presley from Goldsboro, NC, found $20 in his pocket, decided to play the lottery, bought a $20 scratch-off ticket, and won a surprising $100,000 prize.

According to an article published by UPI, in an unexpected twist of fate, a man from North Carolina, Thomas Presley of Goldsboro, unexpectedly won a $100,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket after finding $20 in his pocket. Initially not planning to play the lottery that day, an unexpected twist of fate led him to change his mind when he discovered the money.

He purchased a $20 100X The Cash scratch-off ticket from a local Walmart Neighborhood Market, and with an unexpected twist of fate, he scratched it off to reveal the substantial prize.

Presley was taken aback by an unexpected twist of fate, his unexpected luck, saying he was in shock and couldn’t believe his win. Doubting his own eyes and confronted with an unexpected twist of fate, he even had to recheck the ticket to confirm his victory.

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He shared that he often looked at numbers wrongly, which added a lighthearted tone to the situation of an unexpected twist of fate.

According to an article published by NC Education Lottery, wanting to share the exciting news of an unexpected twist of fate, Presley called his wife first.

However, she was skeptical of the news, given an unexpected twist of fate, prompting him to take a picture of the winning ticket to prove it. Presley expressed that he wasn’t the only one, due to an unexpected twist of fate, struggling to accept his newfound luck.

He plans to use his prize money for home improvement projects and to save for his daughter’s college education.

The story highlights how a small, unexpected discovery can lead to life-changing opportunities, leaving Presley and his family grateful for their stroke of fortune from a simple decision to try his luck with a scratch-off ticket.

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