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Active Duty Military Personnel to Benefit from UCCS Tuition Grant Announcement

UCCS introduces tuition grant for active duty military personnel, aiming to bridge financial gaps and enhance education opportunities. Learn how the grant empowers military members pursuing higher education.

UCCS Active Duty Military Personnels eligible for the tuition grant for undergraduates (Photo: CU Anschutz Newsroom)

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is stepping up its support for active duty military personnel by introducing an Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) launches the Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant, beginning this fall semester. The grant addresses financial challenges faced by active duty military personnel, aiding access to education.

Starting fall 2023, the Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant aims to close the financial disparity between military tuition assistance and total costs, including tuition, fees, and materials.

Crista Hill, UCCS’s Director of Veteran and Military Affairs, highlights the grant’s dedication to active-duty service members’ education, showcasing UCCS’s support for those currently active duty military personnels.

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Empowering Academic Journeys for the beloved active duty military personnel.

The grant simplifies access for active duty military personnel pursuing undergraduate degrees, aligning with UCCS’s commitment to inclusivity and support — KRDO.

Eligible students, the active duty military personnel will automatically benefit from the grant, ensuring an accessible process and reducing administrative complexities.

UCCS’s initiative fosters inclusivity, enabling active duty military personnel to pursue education and professional growth.

UCCS’s Active-Duty Tuition Assistance Grant demonstrates its dedication to empowering active duty military personnel. By alleviating financial barriers, UCCS is advancing educational opportunities and inclusivity for those who serve their nation.

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