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Real Time Crime Center’s Swift Action | Suspected Shooter Apprehended with Precision

Glendale’s real time crime center integrates technology with policing through 1,700 CCTV cameras, bolstering safety, response, and investigations for a safer community.

Leveraging live citywide camera footage, the RTCC aided officers in tracing his movements, pinpointing a Volkswagen linked to the case. (Photo: Google)

Glendale’s Real Time Crime Center became the linchpin in swiftly capturing prime suspect Eron Corrales in the tragic shooting of Byron Lamar McBrine.

According to an article published by The Glendale Star, the Glendale Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) played a pivotal role in the swift apprehension of Eron Corrales, who was suspected of fatally shooting 53-year-old Byron Lamar McBrine. On August 2nd, a Glendale police officer observed a group of people fleeing Bonsall Park South, indicating a shooting had occurred.

Despite attempts to save him, McBrine succumbed to his injuries. Witnesses disclosed that Corrales fled in a blue four-door sedan after the incident, which was the sole lead available.

The Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) utilized live camera footage across the city to assist officers in tracking the suspect’s movement, narrowing down potential vehicles, and identifying a Volkswagen with a partial license plate. Further investigation linked the vehicle to a rental company connected to Corrales.

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The real time crime center (RTCC), which has been operational since 2019 and upgraded over time, integrates over 1,700 CCTV cameras throughout the city to aid in crime solving and prevention.

According to an article published by Arizona Daily Independent, Glendale Sgt. Randy Stewart highlighted the diverse applications of the real time crime center (RTCC), which provides real-time data to assist officers in various cases, from major crimes to minor incidents.

The real time crime center’s (RTCC’s) effectiveness extends beyond expectations, proving invaluable in enhancing safety, improving emergency response times, and aiding investigations. Stewart emphasized that the real time crime center’s integration of technology with police work has become a crucial backbone for efficient policing in the city, significantly contributing to a safer community.

The Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) in Glendale exemplifies the incredible potential of modern technology in law enforcement. The success story underscores how the real time crime center (RTCC) bolsters safety, emergency response, and investigative efficiency, serving as a crucial tool that modernizes policing and ultimately advances community well-being.

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