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Bloomington Fatal Crash Reveals Meth Possession by SUV Driver; Investigation Underway

Bloomington fatal crash in southwest has taken a concerning turn as investigators suspect methamphetamine involvement. The crash resulted in the tragic death of postal carrier Ronald Bethard Jr., 36, and has prompted charges against SUV driver Jeremy Williams.

The Bloomington fatal crash in southwest, which causes the death of Ronald Bethard Jr.

Investigation Uncovers Methamphetamine Suspected in Tragic Bloomington Collision

According to the report from the 25 News Now on August 8,2023, the Bloomington fatal crash report states that the initial autopsy findings indicate that Ronald Bethard Jr., suffered from severe blunt injuries when an SUV collided with his postal vehicle. The driver of the SUV received a citation for failing to slow down, causing the Bloomington fatal crash to occur at the intersection of Ashley Drive and Beich Road.

The Bloomington fatal crash accident occurring at the intersection of Beich Road and Ashley Drive, has raised questions about the possible influence of the drug on Williams’ driving. Authorities found meth and a pipe in Williams’ SUV during a search.

Authorities, including the coroner’s office, police department, and county Bloomington fatal crash reconstruction team, are investigating the incident.

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Charges Arise After Fatal Crash, Involving Meth Possession and Investigation

As per update, August 10, 2023, 25 News Now published that The McLean County State’s Attorney’s Office took action on Tuesday by charging Williams with a felony for possessing a small amount of meth, less than five grams. Alongside this charge, Williams was cited for failing to reduce speed, which led to the Bloomington fatal crash occurring around 10:30 a.m. on Monday at the junction of Beich Road and Ashley Drive. Investigators are diligently probing whether Williams was influenced by meth during the Bloomington fatal crash, amplifying the gravity of the incident.

As the investigation progresses, the Bloomington fatal crash incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards posed by impaired driving. The community mourns Bethard’s loss, and Williams is set for arraignment which will happen on August 25.

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