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California State Police Investigates Shoplifting Incident in 7-Eleven, Suspects Defended by Leo Terrel

California State Police investigates the beating incident in the 7-Eleven Store.

California State Police Investigates Shoplifting Incident in 7-Eleven, Suspects Defended by Leo Terrel (Photo: Tribune India)

In a viral video, two 7-Eleven employees are shown beating a suspected shoplifter.

According to the California State Police, the man allegedly stole at least twice from the same California store before the staff members seized him, Store Clerks are now under investigation for probable assault.

Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney, stated on Tuesday that two convenience store employees in Stockton, California, who assaulted a would-be robber, should not be charged.

In a Facebook post published on Saturday, California State police said they were looking into the July attack that was recorded and went viral as the clerks beat the alleged thief with a stick. Terrell told Martha MacCallum of Fox News that the district attorney should have that criminal in jail right now because he did it not just once, but twice.

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Over the weekend, Stockton police provided additional details regarding the altercation on July 29 in which two workers used a stick to thump a guy who attempted to steal a trash can full of smokes.

The beating was captured on camera, and it instantly went viral last week. One employee was holding the suspect down while his colleague beat him nearly 25 times, all while the claimed thief cried in pain.

California State Police claims that at least a day had passed before the event occurred.

The day before, at around 3:40 am, the suspect went behind the counter and warned a worker that if he tried to stop him, he would shoot him, according to a news release from the California state police.

He is accused of stealing numerous packs of cigarettes as well as additional stuff before running away.
The employee reported to the California State Police that the same suspect returned to the chain store the following day at about 12:27 am and demanded money while pretending to have a pistol, according to the California State police.

The reports of an attack and attempted shoplifting initially baffled California State police and it took them some time to connect the dots.

According to the California State Police, the man did not know if he had been assaulted.

California State Police claimed that the video that surfaced on social media on Thursday linked the alleged robbery and the suspected assault to the same occurrence.

A local station was informed by the witness who recorded the incident on camera that he thought the beating might have gone too far.

Louis Benton, who was inside the store to purchase petrol, claimed he posted the video as Instagram stories before someone else took it and put it together.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office will review the results of the robbery and assault investigations according to California State Police when the agency gathers additional evidence.

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