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Montgomery Police Department Arrested “Black Aquaman” to Rescue a Staffer at Montgomery Riverfront

Montgomery Police Department arrested the teenager in a viral Riverfront brawl.

Montgomery Police Department Arrested “Black Aquaman” to Rescue a Staffer at Montgomery Riverfront (Photo: Daily Express)

A 16-year-old teenager who helped a staff member who was being beaten up during a fight by jumping into an Alabama river and swimming to a pier has earned the nickname “Black Aquaman.”

On Saturday, August 5, a large fight broke out on a pier in Alabama. Witnesses told the New York Post that a group of boaters attacked a dock worker at the Montgomery Riverfront before the fight broke out.

After the video of the brawl went viral online, Montgomery Police Department declared on Monday that they had made several arrests related to the fight that broke out Sunday in Montgomery.

The dock worker was releasing the vessel’s ties when the men suddenly appeared and began swinging. The incident is still under investigation, and Montgomery Police Department is reviewing the incident’s video.

Montgomery Police Department added that they are currently conducting further investigation to find any further individuals who may have been involved.

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The video of the brawl promptly went viral on social media, with many praising the actions of a young man who rushed into the water to help the dock worker.  

Makina Lashea, a spokesperson of the man’s family, only disclosed that the young man is the 16-year-old, Aaren.

Aaren’s family is happy with the nickname “Black Aquaman” that he has acquired. In the midst of difficulty, Aaren selflessly helped a fellow employee, displaying fortitude beyond his years, Lashea said in a statement posted on Facebook. 

In a post on Monday, the Alabama Political Reporter listed one of the boaters as Chase Shipman, a local company owner.

According to Mayor Steven Reed, it was a regrettable situation that should never have happened.

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