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Spotted Dust Devils in Arizona, Phoenix Man’s Work Trucks Stolen: Check This Out!

Man spotted dust devils in Arizona,meanwhile two work trucks are stolen in south Phoenix within a month.

Spotted Dust Devils in Arizona, Phoenix Man’s Work Trucks Stolen: Check This Out! (Photo: The Washington Post)

On August 4, David Ford spotted dust devils in Arizona. Furthermore, Dan Van’s two work trucks are stolen in south Phoenix.

Dust devils in Arizona is filled in the sky.

David Ford, a FOX 10 viewer, spotted and photographed a dust devils in Arizona on August 4 particularly in Buckeye.

The dust devils in Arizona took place approximately 2:20 PM near Miller Road and I-10. For a short while before everything starts to fade away you can see dust devils in Arizona moving like a snake. The dust devils in Arizona started cleaning up immediately.

The National Weather Service identified the object as dust devils in Arizona after it was photographed by David Ford on August 4 in Buckeye, Arizona close to I-10 and Miller Road.

It was confirmed by the National Weather Service in Phoenix on August 6 which pointed out that the spotted dust devils in Arizona is a small circulation due to strong surface heating.

When the skies are clear, according to NWS, dust devils in Arizona typically last only a brief time.

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Two work trucks were taken overnight from a man in Phoenix.

According to Dan Van, the owner of the two work trucks, who started his auto shipping company two years ago, the vehicles that were stolen within a month in south Phoenix ranged in price from $40,000 to $70,000.

Dan had only just started to make a profit with his company when he found himself abruptly unemployed because of the loss of his work trucks. Van has worked hard to build Bo’s Automotive on Wheels into his own throughout his entire life.

In south Phoenix, Dan Van reported that both the stolen vehicles were parked in front of his home on the street near Baseline Road and 35th Avenue.

The first stolen car was a 2011 silver Ford F-350 with tinted windows and modified fenders; the crime was reported on June 24. The Maroon 2018 Dodge Ram with tinted windows and significant damage to the back from the gooseneck trailer was reported stolen on August 5.

Dan Van asserts that it is a nightmare to awaken to find that your company and your dreams have been crushed.

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